Setting Up Exchange 2007 Resource Mailboxes

19 02 2009

OK – so I have the Exchange 2007 server up and running and I have migrated all the mailboxes over. I finished up the resource mailboxes too and I know I have to do some additional configuration for the resource mailboxes, but what? Check out this great article written up by Anderson Patricio on here


Technology Incubator In Youngstown, OH

17 02 2009

Just heard this story on NPR this morning.  For those that did not know there is a thriving technology incubator in Youngstown OH!

The story here.

IT Retention – Imperative For All IT Professionals To Understand

17 02 2009

This is a great write-up on IT retention.  So many times IT is looked at as a cost center and not much thought is put into the people and their careers.  They are people and they do have careers and most IT people I know wish to better themselves. Take the time to read through these tips and put them into practice in either your career or in the organization that you are in now. Both can be improved no matter where you are at.  How To Retain Your IT Employees For Longer

Your Files Wherever You Are

16 02 2009

Yes you could have a website or a ftp site to put all your files or use offline files and folders to sync to a server.  If you have multiple computers and want to keep the data synced across all of them and have central access to the files this is the tool for you.  Dropbox – puts a file folder on your desktop and automagicly syncs the data in the background.  Handy tool for the mobile professional.   Download Dropbox here.

Always Use A Checklist

15 02 2009

Many times I have used a checklist and it really helps with the little details.  Weather you are installing an Exchage server or performing surgery always have a checklist.  A great many principals that work in one field work well in many fields.  As they found out in performing surgery as reported by theNew York Times.

Hello world!

13 02 2009

Welcome to the blog of Mark Bauer.  I am an IT professional that works in the Boston area, but  lives in New Hampshire.  While most of what you see here will be IT related, I also have an inclination towards science;  so,  if I find it interesting you will find it here.